What could be causing problem:  

1. Pallet size in Settings was changed

2. Indexer Settings in Factory changed

3. Encoder 12 O’Clock error.

Possible solutions:  

1. On E machines and on some M machines, if the installing technician does not populate the indexer settings for each pallet size in the factory screen, the machine will have alignment errors if the operator changes the pallet size on the SETUP screen.  If machine was running fine but “NOW WONT ALIGN PROPERLY” then odds are an operator changed the pallet size.  Have operator push E-stop, change do a different pallet size then pull estop and reset. Continue changing pallet size until proper alignment is found, or all pallet size options are exhausted.  Most initial set-ups are done using extra small size.  Once proper alignment is found, use the setting to populate all pallet sizes properly.  One M, use the copy from function, on E, you must manually key into every pallet size.  ***PAY ATTENTION TO ROTATION DIRECTION***

2. If that doesn’t work, you may have to do small adjustments to the setting to dial the position back in.  You must have the capture fork engaged to do this.  To trick the machine into allowing you to engage the capture fork even when the cam followers are not in synch with the sensor, line the capture fork with the cam follower and use a screwdriver or other metal object to ‘trick’ the down and in-synch sensor.  Now that table is engaged, make adjustments, then click ‘Go’.  TABLE WILL MOVE.  Make sure it is clear first.  Go left then right repeatedly until the settings are correct.  ***In the setup screen, you must have the size selected that you are changing in the factory screen or you will not see the changes***

3. In the rare event that a machine just wakes up one morning and the alignment is about ½ inch off, it is a rare but seen occurrence that the home sensor is activating when the encoder is at the 12 O’clock pulse.  Once the home sensor activates, the motor will continue until the encorder reaches 12 oclock.  If the home sensor is right on or after 12 oclock, you will get one full revolution.  If it is right before 12 oclock, you will not get an additional full revolution.  Because we use a 16mm pitch in the ball screw, that difference will result in appx ½ inch of displacement.  Move the sensor a minute amount, then readjust all indexer settings.